About me

Hey everyone! Welcome to CBD Oil Retail I’m very glad and grateful you’re here.

My name is Aquino, I’m an independent content writer and researcher with years of experience in writing blogs.

I live in Texas, work in past in top notch companies as an IT HR manager during that era I earned multiple skills with a passion for learning new things by exploring the internet and from different sources but that doesn’t match my career independent needs.

Two years ago I left my job and start providing my services as a content writer & blogger on Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Fiver.com and etc. I have special skills in psychiatry which make me a purified content writer in such niches which I’m willing to write here. Obviously, it will make sense to targetting with pros and cons of the usage of CBD Oil, or CBD incense keywords. CBD oil is a massively used oil in different countries with different situations as meditation.

All information is collected from different search engines, websites, researchers, meditation coaches and compiled here in a categorized form. I hope you will enjoy the tour of my blogs and learn well.